Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Now I definitely want to walk the Camino someday (soon)!

Walking the Camino: A Modern Pilgrimage to SantiagoWalking the Camino: A Modern Pilgrimage to Santiago by Tony Kevin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm more than halfway through and still am enjoying the book. I really like the Spanish history and politics that author has included; I find it really interesting.

But what REALLY ANNOYS me is the terrible Spanish pronunciation of words!! I wish the narrator knew Spanish because as he butchers most of the names of places and words, I want to scream at him, lol!

Ok, I have now finished the book. Although Tony didn't have any mishaps on the road or any "exciting" events to recount, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The history he included, the Spanish politics, the brief telling of his own story, his reasons for the pilgrimage, and more, were very interesting to me. He was the same age I am now when he walked the Camino (63), so I really wanted to read it from the perspective of someone my age. As a Catholic myself, I could also relate to his story about his spiritual journey as a Catholic along the Camino. Also, I had not heard of the route he took, from Seville to Santiago; I only had heard of the Camino Frances, Ingles and Portuguese. He walked most of the way by himself, choosing to socialize at night with the pilgrims he met on the way during the day. I think I would prefer to walk with someone, but that's me.

As I listened to the book, I have no idea if the print version included any pictures. I would really like to see them, if there were any!

This book has rekindled my interest in reading even more travel adventure books about walking the Camino, or which I have a few. And, of course, I will watch the movie, The Way (with Martin Sheen, on Netflix), yet again - one of my favorite movies.

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