Friday, January 20, 2017

A really good apocalyptic novel!

The After War: The Complete NovelThe After War: The Complete Novel by Brandon Zenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book from Read for Review in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, what a great apocalyptic novel! I predict this book will become a big hit and would make a great movie.

Two years after a horrible world war and disease have ravaged the world, Brian and Steven emerge from their well-stocked and comfortable bunker. They were on their way to collect Steven's sister, Bethany, from the bunker where she had been staying,in order to meet up with her uncle, General Driscoll. Meanwhile, Simon Kalispell and his dog, Winston, emerge from their secluded cabin in the wilds of Canada in order to make his way home to find his parents, as planned two years prior, before the commencement of the war. Eventually, their paths cross in unexpected ways. The book then goes back in time to explain who each ended up in hiding for two years, telling their back stories.

First of all, I have to say how much I liked Winston, Simon's beloved dog companion.. He was every much as much a character as the humans!

I found the book to be well-written. The story grabbed me from the first page and I could barely put it down. The relationship between Steven and Brian was well-developed. They were complex characters, I thought, and at times it was hard to read about what they were going through. Most parts of the book relating to them was very graphic. Simon was a very so,Italy, spiritual, character, very strong and resourceful.

What happened when they all reached their pre-arranged locations is described in Book Two and is pretty graphic, and exciting. The other characters in the novel are varied, and not easily forgotten.

Overall, I really really liked this book and recommend it highly, if you enjoy this genre.

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